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10 Food Charities You Can Donate To Any Time of the Year

( We know—it’s no secret you love a good meal. And in spite of everything that goes on in the world, you (and we) will always come back to food as not only an essential, but also as a source of joy. Sadly, we’re all learning that not everyone has that luxury. But we who are lucky enough to see food in the light of comfort can play a part in lessening—if not eradicating—the global hunger phenomenon. Everyone should be able to access food, and we don’t have to wait for the next holiday or crisis to push a little more goodness back into the world. We round up organizations you can help out when you’ve got the time or money to spare.

These are just 10 charities you can help at any time:

Rise Against Hunger

Formerly Stop Hunger Now—you may recognize the name from news reports of the Yolanda relief efforts—Rise Against Hunger was established in the United States in 1998 and is now registered in five countries, including the Philippines. There are actually lots of ways you can lend this organization a hand, from hosting one of their many events (not limited to food, as demonstrated by Soap for Hope, an initiative where hotel soap is recycled into handcrafted soap, volunteering to donating money. If you’ve got the time or cash to spare, a little can go a long way.

Rise Against Hunger Philippines is at 10/F Dohle Haus Manila, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City.


You probably know by now that UNICEF doesn’t only do feeding programs and food banks. Their latest initiative called Share The Meal, is an app you can download to give U.S. $0.50 (roughly P26) to feed a child somewhere in the world with a few taps. Whether you choose to get the app or to give a one-time donation, know that every bit helps.

For more information, log on to UNICEF’s website.

Action Against Hunger PH

Those of you who love the Internet show Good Mythical Morning may be familiar with this movement, but that’s also how you know it’s a worthwhile one—Mythical Entertainment is very discerning when it comes to the charities they partner with. Action Against Hunger Philippines has also partnered with restaurants in the past, including their recent involvement in TGI Friday’s 2019 holiday menu. They also have an intersectional approach to doing good—every Women’s Month, for example, they highlight the women out in the field who are also working to eradicate world hunger.

For more information, log on to Action Against Hunger’s website.

Feed the Children

This 40-year-old organization landed in the Philippines in 1984, using their reach to meet both the short- and long-term needs of children, their families, and beyond. Apart from their goal of eliminating global hunger, the teams behind Feed the Children also dabble in disaster response.

For more information, log on to Feed the Children’s website.

Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry originally began in 1978 as an initiative to aid refugees to Manila fleeing from the Vietnam War—yes, they’ve been here for that long. But since the end of the war, they’ve stayed on to help vulnerable communities and our indigenous groups in the face of the consequences of an ever-shifting global market and of climate change. Food for the Hungry is their appreciation for the multiple cultures and subcultures within the Philippines.

For more information, log on to Food for the Hungry’s website.

Second Harvest Asia

A network of Asian food banks, Second Harvest Asia’s headquarters can actually be found in Minnesota, U.S. They use different approaches per country depending on their needs. The general foodbank model is to take what might become wasted food resources and give them to the vulnerable portion of the targeted population, hence the name Second Harvest. If you want to donate, they accept cash or in-kind donations as well as grants.

For more information, log on to Second Harvest Asia’s website.

Save the Children Asia

For over three decades, Save the Children has served the underprivileged from Bangladesh to Bhutan, from China to Nepal, to the Philippines by providing not only nutrition, but also the basic, necessary healthcare these communities need. They also advocate for gender equality and children’s right to education. You can make a one-time gift, become a monthly donor, or start a fundraiser, among others.

For more information, log on to Save the Children’s website.

World Food Programme PH

The World Food Programme is actually partners with UNICEF and receives support from them as well as from the Australian, Italian, and New Zealand governments, to name a few. Businesses and individuals can get involved in their quest towards zero hunger through one-time or monthly donations.

World Food Programme PH’s offices are at 11/F South Tower Rockwell Business Center, Sheridan Street corner United Street, Mandaluyong City. For more information, log on to World Food Programme’s website.

Philippine Food Bank Foundation

This project is a recent one, only gaining their certificate from the Securities & Exchange Commission in 2017, but already their reach has gone beyond the island of Luzon. According to the website, they have well over 120 beneficiaries that cover Metro Manila, surrounding provinces, plus vulnerable communities in Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and Portugal. Their restaurant partners who regularly donate include Starbucks and Krispy Kreme.

For more information, log on to the Philippine Food Bank Foundation’s website and get in touch through their contact sheet.

Caritas Manna

Caritas is not only known for their medical drives; their recent focus on disaster preparedness and response for the poor includes their project Caritas Manna, which aims to give poor families a food bag containing rice, noodles, salt, sugar, and assorted canned goods. One can choose to donate through Lazada, GCash, or a direct bank transfer.

Caritas Headquarters is at 2002 Jesus Street, Pandacan, Manila City. For more information, log on to Caritas Manila’s Facebook page.